Solved: Secnotes crashing as soon as opened.

Hi, few users have face an issue where SecNotes crashes as soon as its opened starting Monday (March-23). This is NOT an issue with SecNotes itself but a generic android bug. It started when a buggy WebView version was released by android and apps upgraded to it via automatic play store update. A lot of apps including Gmail, Facebook were affected by this. More detailed info can be found on posts from various online portains -

Google had immediately provided a fix but it might not have reached your phone. To fix, please do -

  1. Open play store and click on hamburger menu on top left.
  2. Choose "My apps & games"
  3. You will be in the "Updates" tab. Either choose "Update all" or if you don't want to update all apps, update the "Android System WebView".

Once done, please open secnotes again and it should open fine.

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