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Welcome to Sec-Notes forum   
By @arun - 22/mar/20 11:46 PM
557204/dec/21 9:03 PM
By @dan
About saving changed sheets
By @lucidio - 14/may/22 12:43 PM
8014/may/22 12:43 PM
By @lucidio
About saving changed sheets
By @lucidio - 14/may/22 12:41 PM
8014/may/22 12:41 PM
By @lucidio
Help, how to delete an un-updated notes in sec notes website.
By @christian_lee - 30/apr/22 1:51 AM
17030/apr/22 1:51 AM
By @christian_lee
Congelar células em planilhas ou opção de salvar alterações
By @lucidio - 19/feb/22 12:07 PM
63019/feb/22 12:07 PM
By @lucidio
Copy App to another Phone
By @dominik - 03/feb/22 1:15 PM
74003/feb/22 1:15 PM
By @dominik
Sec Notes Format Change/Corrupt
By @michael6 - 29/jan/22 4:12 PM
78103/feb/22 3:25 PM
By @alex
SecNotes not working properly on my Samsung Galaxy S21 phone
By @becki - 09/dec/21 12:32 AM
107009/dec/21 12:32 AM
By @becki
Desktop Shortcut "Already Exists", but can't find on phone
By @dan - 04/dec/21 8:49 PM
104004/dec/21 8:49 PM
By @dan
Carriage return bug
By @james - 19/nov/21 9:49 AM
151129/jan/22 4:15 PM
By @michael6
Pass code invalid
By @theresa - 07/nov/21 8:41 PM
124007/nov/21 8:41 PM
By @theresa
Cutting Selected Words
By @ellis - 15/oct/21 5:28 AM
137015/oct/21 5:28 AM
By @ellis
Recover notes
By @pame - 05/aug/21 5:19 PM
259005/aug/21 5:19 PM
By @pame
Double Spacing
By @anthony - 03/aug/21 11:01 AM
161003/aug/21 11:01 AM
By @anthony
Excel spreadsheet issues
By @alex - 25/jul/21 9:02 PM
189115/aug/21 2:33 AM
By @alex