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Welcome to Sec-Notes forum   
By @arun - 22/mar/20 4:46 PM
293117/mar/21 3:40 PM
By @alex
Reset password
By @tara - 05/apr/21 8:56 AM
5107/apr/21 11:31 AM
By @arun
Seria possível congelar itens numa tabela?
By @lucidio - 23/mar/21 3:21 PM
10023/mar/21 3:21 PM
By @lucidio
Solved: Secnotes crashing as soon as opened.
By @arun - 23/mar/21 12:04 PM
21023/mar/21 1:33 PM
By @arun
Fix "Not authorized for this project"
By @joe - 15/mar/21 6:16 AM
23217/mar/21 3:43 PM
By @alex
Solved: Content lost after 10.0 upgrade
By @arun - 12/mar/21 5:51 PM
1371221/mar/21 3:47 PM
By @arun
All my passwords are gone!
By @joe - 12/mar/21 7:55 AM
34320/mar/21 12:18 AM
By @arun
Ruled Text?
By @rick - 26/dec/20 12:56 PM
51026/dec/20 12:56 PM
By @rick
Older version won't backup to transfer to new phone
By @rick - 16/dec/20 2:19 PM
82330/dec/20 11:26 AM
By @arun
Is it possible to transfer all the contents at once?
By @jane - 16/dec/20 2:11 AM
75216/dec/20 11:17 AM
By @jane
Selecting Doesn't Always Work
By @linda - 01/dec/20 2:58 PM
49001/dec/20 2:58 PM
By @linda
Restore doesn't work
By @croc - 24/nov/20 3:00 AM
81228/nov/20 12:03 PM
By @arun
Transfering notes from one app to another
By @allan - 05/oct/20 9:55 AM
125005/oct/20 9:55 AM
By @allan
premium features
By @taroon - 12/jul/20 11:37 PM
236107/mar/21 8:54 PM
By @arun
is it possible to pin a note to the top of the list?
By @taroon - 12/jul/20 11:36 PM
126113/jul/20 11:24 AM
By @arun