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Welcome to Sec-Notes forum   
By @arun - 22/mar/20 11:46 PM
780204/dec/21 9:03 PM
By @dan
What to do if Sec notes isn't available
By @rikki - 17/mar/23 11:31 AM
5017/mar/23 11:31 AM
By @rikki
Recover Notes
By @amber - 09/mar/23 9:50 PM
12009/mar/23 9:50 PM
By @amber
Why am I being charged an Annual Subscription Fee?
By @conor_j - 07/mar/23 9:41 PM
31107/mar/23 9:48 PM
By @conor_j
line spacing/interval
By @sergey - 26/dec/22 5:57 AM
58026/dec/22 5:57 AM
By @sergey
App will not download to my new phone
By @larry - 22/oct/22 1:44 AM
96022/oct/22 1:44 AM
By @larry
Cannot upgrade to premium
By @aaron - 11/sep/22 2:05 PM
117011/sep/22 2:05 PM
By @aaron
App crashing after updating to 12.0 version (Aug 29th)
By @arun - 31/aug/22 4:40 PM
210001/sep/22 8:17 PM
By @arun
What is premium backup?
By @ron - 04/jun/22 3:27 PM
196101/sep/22 8:19 PM
By @arun
storing notes to cloud,
By @ron - 04/jun/22 3:24 PM
191101/sep/22 8:20 PM
By @arun
backing up to google drive
By @ron - 04/jun/22 3:17 PM
202101/sep/22 8:26 PM
By @arun
About saving changed sheets
By @lucidio - 14/may/22 12:43 PM
152014/may/22 12:43 PM
By @lucidio
About saving changed sheets
By @lucidio - 14/may/22 12:41 PM
146014/may/22 12:41 PM
By @lucidio
Help, how to delete an un-updated notes in sec notes website.
By @christian_lee - 30/apr/22 1:51 AM
174030/apr/22 1:51 AM
By @christian_lee
Congelar células em planilhas ou opção de salvar alterações
By @lucidio - 19/feb/22 12:07 PM
215019/feb/22 12:07 PM
By @lucidio