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Welcome to Sec-Notes forum   
By @arun - 22/mar/20 11:46 PM
338117/mar/21 10:40 PM
By @alex
Proteger celulas
By @lucidio - 20/jun/21 10:14 PM
2020/jun/21 10:14 PM
By @lucidio
Would it be possible to freeze items in a table?
By @lucidio - 16/jun/21 12:47 PM
6016/jun/21 12:47 PM
By @lucidio
Error could not write to backup
By @cliff - 15/jun/21 9:11 PM
4015/jun/21 9:11 PM
By @cliff
Attach documents
By @lucidio - 23/may/21 1:09 PM
16023/may/21 1:09 PM
By @lucidio
Can I freeze cells on the tables?
By @lucidio - 23/may/21 1:08 PM
26023/may/21 1:08 PM
By @lucidio
My divise not suport this app tody
By @solanki - 09/may/21 9:44 AM
39109/may/21 4:19 PM
By @arun
By @nick - 17/apr/21 9:25 PM
37117/apr/21 9:40 PM
By @arun
Upgraded to premium but unable to access the extra util.
By @stewart - 15/apr/21 12:48 PM
48104/may/21 5:20 AM
By @arun
Reset password
By @tara - 05/apr/21 3:56 PM
106107/apr/21 6:31 PM
By @arun
Seria possível congelar itens numa tabela?
By @lucidio - 23/mar/21 10:21 PM
38019/may/21 9:02 AM
By @lucidio
Solved: Secnotes crashing as soon as opened.
By @arun - 23/mar/21 7:04 PM
54023/mar/21 8:33 PM
By @arun
Fix "Not authorized for this project"
By @joe - 15/mar/21 1:16 PM
54217/mar/21 10:43 PM
By @alex
Solved: Content lost after 10.0 upgrade
By @arun - 13/mar/21 1:51 AM
2021221/mar/21 10:47 PM
By @arun
All my passwords are gone!
By @joe - 12/mar/21 3:55 PM
70320/mar/21 7:18 AM
By @arun