All my passwords are gone!

App auto updated to version 10.0 and all the passwords saved in my file disappeared, what the hell??!!

Hi @joe, we are really sorry for the bad experience you had. With 10.0, there are many major changes primarily due to android deprecating many classes and functions. Three people have reported the same issue and we want to correct it. Please note that your data IS NOT LOST assuming you hadn't disabled the automatic SD card backup.

Could you kindly try out the steps in this post and let us know -
Content lost after 10.0 upgrade

Its about installing the previous 9.0 version, restoring all your notes back from the SD card backup and upgrading with our newer beta version.

Unfortunately we can't keep 9.0 as it is due to the deprecation issue. Hence request you to please help us find out what we missed in our elaborate testing.

Same problem. Your instructions didn't help. It works with APK 9.0 from your Google drive, but spreadsheets content dissappears after update to 10.2.

Update March 19, 2021

Problem fixed. Need to install 10.5 version 

@joe, please upgrade to our latest 10.5 version. We have found and fixed the issue, it will try to recover your lost content automatically.