Excel spreadsheet issues


Excel spreadsheet created on the phone are not readable on the web site. The lines are vertically squeezed and the content is unreadable at all.

I have one big excel file with 99 lines and tried to experiment to see how many lines I can keep as a minimum in order to see the content on the web. Created a copy and found out that if I want to keep 33 lines, I have to delete 66 lines one by one. Seriously? I can't select multiple lines and delete them. I can't select multiple lines and copy  them into another excel spreadsheet. In other words, if I want to divide my file into three files with 33 lines each, I have to create 3 copies and delete 66 x 3 lines manually. I found that very inconvenient. 

As an idea, I can save the file to SD (xls) and edit it, but how can import it back later? I don't see such option


Will answer to myself.

Since last big crush after the biggest update to the newest version, I am not getting any support. Neither through emails, nor through this forum.

Well, if nobody will provide an advise within next 7 days, I am closing my account.