Why am I being charged an Annual Subscription Fee?

Why am I being charged an Annual Subscription Fee? I NEVER agreed when I purchased Secnotes some years ago to an annual fee. It was an outright lifetime purchase. I accept your pricing model may have changed since then, but I should not be part of it. It was bought on 22nd April 2018. No where did the purchase state that it was a subscription purchase, it was simply a premium upgrade.

Arun, please get back to me and refund my £4.00 you have just charged me. Below are the details of the 2018 purchase email:

Thank you.You've made a purchase from Google Commerce Limited on Google Play.

Order number: GPA.3317-6499-8037-94546
Order date: 22-Apr-2018 19:25:09 BST
Premium Upgrade (Sec Notes- Free Secure Notepad) (by Skipser)£3.59
Total: £3.59
(Includes VAT of £0.60)
Payment method:

Google Commerce Limited
Gordon House
Barrow Street
Dublin 4

I was also first charged the annual subscription fee this time last year, 2022 - 4 years after I first purchased Secnotes outright in 2018! What is going on here?? You can see from my 1st post that my purchase in 2018 had absolutely no mention of an annual subscription fee. 

This is a blatant breach of contract and additionally fully provable, with documentation, to Google. 

Arun, please refund me my £8.00 and remove me from having to pay an annual subscription or I will be reporting this to Google Play.